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Can I participate more than one competitions?
Can I participate more than one competitions?
Updated over a week ago

Absolutely! You have the incredible opportunity to participate in every FundedNext Trading Competition. Each competition is treated as a unique and separate event, offering traders the chance to join and compete.

Whether you have previously participated in competitions or are new to FundedNext, you are warmly invited to register and take part in any upcoming competitions that are announced. It's important to note that each competition will have its own distinct set of rules, guidelines, and prize structure. We highly recommend reviewing the specific details of each competition before diving in.

Engaging in multiple competitions opens doors to valuable trading experience, allowing you to refine your strategies and consistently showcase your abilities. Embrace the challenge and seize the opportunities that await you. So, if you're ready to take on the trading world, feel free to participate in multiple FundedNext Trading Competitions and make your mark!

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