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Is there an Inactivity period for my accounts?
Is there an Inactivity period for my accounts?
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Yes, if you do not trade or log in to the account for 35 consecutive days, then the account will expire and the system will mark the account as failed. To avoid the account inactivity period timeout, simply login to your account at least once or execute a single trade within a period of 35 consecutive days. This ensures that traders are actively participating in our program while limiting hosting fees for accounts that expire and become inactive.

Can I extend the inactivity period or customize it to suit my needs?

No, the inactivity period of 35 consecutive days is a standard policy to ensure active participation. FundedNext does not offer the option to extend or customize the inactivity period, and the policy applies uniformly to all accounts.

How can I request a new account after expiration?

If your account has expired due to inactivity, you can contact our support team to request a new account. They will guide you through the process and assist you in getting started again.

Are there any fees associated with account expiration?

No, there are no fees specifically associated with account expiration due to inactivity.

If you have any further questions or need assistance regarding the inactivity period or account expiration, please don't hesitate to contact FundedNext's Support Team. 

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