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Can I hold my positions Overnight/Weekend?
Can I hold my positions Overnight/Weekend?
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For the Evaluation, Stellar, and Express Non-Consistency challenges, traders are permitted to hold their trades overnight and over the weekends without any restrictions.

However, for the Express Consistency challenge, traders are allowed to hold their trades overnight, but it is prohibited to keep positions open over the weekend. All trades must be closed at least 15 minutes before the market close on weekends. It is important to note that if trades are not closed within the specified timeframe, the system will automatically close them. It is important to note that failing to close trades before the weekend close will not be counted as a violation.

Please refer to the image below for details about the Weekend & Overnight Holding of our challenges:

Why is weekend holding not available on the Express-Consistency account?

The reason is that the Express-Consistency account adheres to the Consistency rule, which involves comparing the Consistency number with the previous week's total trade number, total trading days, and total lot traded. In order to accurately calculate the Consistency number, all trades must be closed before the market closes on weekends. This requirement ensures precise calculations and is a significant factor in prohibiting the holding of positions over the weekend.

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