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Can I Reset my account if I violate any rules?
Can I Reset my account if I violate any rules?
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The option to reset is available for all challenges, including Evaluation (Phase 1 & 2), Express, and Stellar (1-Step & 2-Step). Please note that if you choose to reset your Evaluation Phase 1, Express, or Stellar 1-Step Challenge account, the same account will be reset to its initial balance, and you will need to start from the beginning. However, if you wish to reset your Evaluation Phase 2 account or Stellar 2-Step Challenge Phase 2 account, a new account will be generated in your dashboard, and you will receive an email containing the account credentials. When you request a reset for Phase Two, you will be provided with a new Challenge account in Phase 1.

At FundedNext, periodic monitoring of your accounts and trading style is conducted. In the event of any violation of our established rules, your trading account will be deactivated, resulting in the prohibition of further trading activity. However, know that your journey doesn't end there. In such circumstances, FundedNext offers you the opportunity, to begin with a new account, available at a discounted price.

Please refer to the images below for details of the reset price:

Please be aware that FundedNext does not impose any additional monthly charges as a penalty. You have the freedom to reset your account as many times as you desire until you obtain a FundedNext account. However, please note that once you have acquired a FundedNext account, the option to reset will no longer be available. Resetting your account will result in starting anew as if it were a brand new account.

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