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How to Access Your Trading Overview on the Dashboard?
How to Access Your Trading Overview on the Dashboard?
Updated over a week ago

The Trading Overview is a specialized feature incorporated into the FundedNext dashboard, meticulously designed to furnish traders with a concise yet comprehensive summary of their trading endeavors and performance.

To access and scrutinize your trading activities within the FundedNext dashboard, kindly adhere to these straightforward steps:

  • Commence by navigating to the 'Accounts' section within your FundedNext dashboard. Subsequently, select the specific trading account that you intend to analyze.

  • Upon entering the dedicated account dashboard, diligently identify and select the 'Trading Overview' option.

Within the 'Trading Overview' section, you will encounter two distinct segments:

Detail Stats: Within this section, you will find a compilation of critical metrics and data points, meticulously presented to empower traders to:

  • Assess the current status of the trading account.

  • Conduct an incisive evaluation of the effectiveness of their chosen trading strategy.

Analytics: This segment delivers an array of valuable insights, including:

  • The 'Trade Growth View,' is a dynamic tool providing comprehensive insights into the evolution of your trading activities.

  • Graphical representations illustrating Symbol Performance.

  • Essential metrics such as Profit and Loss breakdown by Weekday, Hours, and Order Type, in addition to Win and Loss Ratios.

These two distinctive options are prominently positioned at the top of the page, ensuring your facile access to vital trading data and analytical tools, ultimately augmenting your ability to enhance trading performance.

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