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Migration to FundedNext MT4 & MT5 Servers
Migration to FundedNext MT4 & MT5 Servers
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FundedNext's recent acquisition of a regulated broker license marks a significant milestone in our journey. This development brings with it a multitude of benefits and changes, aimed at enhancing the overall trading experience of our valued clients.

Key Aspects of the Acquisition:

Enhanced Credibility and Security: The acquisition ensures greater credibility and trustworthiness through regulatory oversight. Increased security measures are introduced, providing a more secure trading environment. Additionally, the expansion of platform functionality now includes both MT4 and MT5, offering more options for our traders.

Stability in Trading Costs: FundedNext is dedicated to keeping your trading experience consistent. So, rest assured, the swap charge, spreads, and commissions you're used to will stay the same, allowing you to trade as usual under terms you know and find competitive.

Seamless Login and Server Access: For MT4 users, particularly those on the Incenteco server, the transition to FundedNext requires no change in login credentials. However, you have to log in with the new server details. You will need to select 'FundedNext - Server' for your FundedNext Account and 'FundedNext - Demo' for your FundedNext Challenge Account as the server name upon your next login. Just select 'FundedNext - Server' or 'FundedNext - Demo' as appropriate. For MT5 users you will need to select 'FundedNext - Server' for both Challenge and FundedNext Account and on GrowthNext servers, please note that there's no migration to FundedNext servers.

Preservation of Trading History: FundedNext understands the importance of your trading history. All historical data and trading records on MT4 will be migrated to the new server, ensuring you retain access to your past trading insights.

Continuity of Running Trades: During the migration, there's no need to close your active trades. All existing trades, across various challenges, will be smoothly migrated, ensuring no disruption to your ongoing trading activities

These changes reflect FundedNext's ongoing commitment to offering an enhanced, secure, and user-friendly trading environment. FundedNext understands that updates like these might raise questions and concerns, and is ready to provide support at every step of this transition. It's an opportunity to embrace these changes as FundedNext continues to strive for excellence in meeting your trading needs.

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