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What Is The Copy Trading Rule at FundedNext?
What Is The Copy Trading Rule at FundedNext?
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FundedNext allows traders to engage in copy trading from another FundedNext account, prop firm, or retail broker, provided that the accounts are owned by the same individual. This means that you can copy trades from any account(s) that you own.

However, copy trading between multiple accounts not owned by the same individual, including those of relatives, family members, or friends, is strictly prohibited. In addition, the following activities are also prohibited:

  • If a significant percentage of your trades are identical to one or multiple traders based on the parameters, (Opening Price, Closing price, lot size, lot ratio, symbols, etc.) FundedNext employs an automated flagging system to identify trades that resemble those of one or more other traders. If a flag is triggered on your account, it will undergo a manual review, and depending on the severity of the violation, one of two actions may be taken:

     i. A warning will be issued along with a deduction of profits, and the account will be reset.

    ii. If you are not in profit, your account will not be reset. The account will be directly terminated without any profit share.

  • Traders are allowed to use the same Expert Advisor as other traders, but each trader must ensure that their trading parameters are unique based on their own trading style and account. If traders use the same expert advisor and have identical trading parameters and similar trades are found among one or more other traders, it will be considered copy trading as well.

  • Copy trading, account management, and "pass your challenge" services are not allowed. Traders must trade independently.

If traders do not comply with any of the regulations, they may receive a formal warning or immediate termination from the FundedNext platform, depending on the severity of the case.

The purpose of having copy-trading rules is to ensure that all traders are trading fairly and ethically and to prevent any abuse of the copy-trading system. These rules help to maintain a level playing field for all traders and promote a healthy trading environment. By following these rules, traders can benefit from the copy trading system without compromising the integrity of the system.

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