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Am I allowed to Merge my accounts in FundedNext?
Am I allowed to Merge my accounts in FundedNext?
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Yes, you have the option to merge your accounts, up to $300,000 ($50,000 for the Stellar Lite account), into your FundedNext account, subject to certain conditions.

Both accounts must be in the same challenge. For example, you can merge an Express Non-Consistency FundedNext account with another Express Non-Consistency FundedNext account, regardless of whether you are on the same platform or not (Versions 4 and 5). However, merging different challenges is not allowed.

Merging is not permitted if there are any open trades or if the account is in the middle of a trading cycle. Please ensure that there are no open trades and that your account's trading cycle is complete before initiating a merge. Accounts with a negative balance cannot be merged.

Please ensure that you follow the guidelines and contact our FundedNext Support Team if you have any further questions or need assistance merging your accounts.

Challenge Phase:

Unfortunately, traders are not permitted to merge their accounts during any Challenge Phases at FundedNext. Once you receive your FundedNext account, you will be eligible to merge your accounts.

The payout percentage on the merged account:

Upon merging accounts, the profit split percentage will revert to the lower profit split percentage of the two accounts. For instance, if one account has a 90% profit share and the other has 80%, the default payout after merging will be 80%. However, it is still possible to scale up the newly merged account to become eligible for a higher profit split percentage after a 4-month period, provided that all scale-up criteria are fulfilled.

The Auto-Pass add-on will remain unaffected by the merging of all FundedNext accounts. Similarly, the absence of Minimum Trading Days add-on in the Evaluation, Stellar, and Stellar Lite plans does not affect the rule regarding FundedNext account merging.

This implies that if one account has these add-ons and another does not, they can still be merged.

However, this rule does not apply if the add-on is the Lifetime Payout addon, the 150% Reward add-on, the Bi-Weekly Payout addon, or the No Minimum Trading Days addon (Express account).

It is important to note that a 15% profit share from the challenge phase is disbursed once you end your trading cycle in a FundedNext account with a 5% growth. However, if you merge accounts before receiving this 15% profit share, then in order to receive the 15% profit share from the account you have merged, you will need to achieve a 5% growth in your newly merged account balance.

To get more information regarding the Scale-Up plan, kindly click here.

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