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What is the Contract Size of the instruments?
What is the Contract Size of the instruments?
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Here's a breakdown of the contract sizes for different trading instruments:

  • Forex pairs: 100,000

  • Indices: 10

  • Commodities: 100 (Exception: XAGUSD 5000)

  • Cryptocurrency: 1, 100 & 1000 (Varies in different pairs)

Please note that these contract sizes apply to both GrowthNext and FundedNext accounts.

Please refer to the image below for details of the contract size:

To access the contract specifications on your Version 4 and 5 platforms:


  • Open the Market Watch.

  • Right-click on the desired symbol and select "Specification."


  • Tap on the symbol you want to check.

  • Navigate to the "Properties" section.

Please find a visual representation of the process in the video below for your reference:

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