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FundedNext New Platform: cTrader

What Capital can I get as a FundedNext Trader?
How much is the Profit Split in FundedNext?
What are the available Payment Methods?
When will I have to submit the KYC documents?
How can I complete the KYC verification process?
Does FundedNext offer a Scale-Up plan?
Am I allowed to Merge my accounts in FundedNext?
What is the Commission of the trading account?
What is the Leverage of the trading account?
What are the Minimum Trading Days in FundedNext Challenges?
What is the Server time?
Does my Trading Cycle start when I take my first trade?
Does FundedNext offer Swap Free accounts?
What is the Maximum Daily Drawdown Limit?
How can I calculate the Daily Drawdown?
What is the Maximum Overall Drawdown Limit?
How can I calculate the Overall Drawdown?
Do I have to follow the Daily Loss Limit & Overall Loss Limit in the FundedNext account?
Will I get any Certificate?
When will I get the FundedNext Account?
How often will I get my Payout?
Will I get back my Registration Fee?
What is the Contract Size of the instruments?
Does FundedNext have an Affiliate programme?
Am I entitled to a Profit Share, If I hit more than the target profit amount?
Can I buy a New Account with my profit?
What happens if my FundedNext Account is in profit but I hit the Daily Loss Limit?
What is an Account Top-up?
Can I add my FundedNext trading account to Myfxbook?
Can I Reset my account anytime?
How many accounts can I have with FundedNext?
What is the Spread of the trading account?
How can I make a payment through cryptocurrency?
What does a FundedNext account mean?
How does the add-on feature work with the FundedNext new Challenge purchase?
What is the pip or point value in FundedNext?
What is the IBAN of FundedNext?
How to provide correct wallet address during withdrawal in FundedNext?
FundedNext Free Trial Rules
How can I open a Rise account?
Your trading server migration is completed. What’s next?
What is AstroPay payment method?

Does FundedNext have any Country Restrictions?
Which Platforms can I use for trading at FundedNext?
What is the minimum payout limit for FundedNext?
What Is The Copy Trading Rule at FundedNext?
Can I Trade From Multiple IP Addresses at FundedNext?
Does FundedNext allow EAs/Indicators?
Is News Trading allowed at FundedNext?
Can I open or close a position during News Events?
Can I hold my positions Overnight/Weekend?
Is it mandatory to use Stop-Loss (SL) for all trades?
Are there any restrictions on my trading strategy?
How does FundedNext ensure Fairness & Transparency in trading?
What are the Restricted/Prohibited Trading Strategies at FundedNext?
Is there any Age Restriction to joining FundedNext?
Can I change or share my Trading Platform Password?
Is there an Inactivity period for my accounts?
Are there any Hidden Fees or Recurring Fees?
Can I trade on TradingView and link my FundedNext account?
Who will pay Tax on my profit?
What is the Refund Policy of FundedNext?
Is there a Refund option for Reset/Top-up?
Can I use a VPN or VPS?
What Instruments are allowed to be traded at FundedNext?
Which Broker does FundedNext associate with?
What's the News Trading Rule in Express Challenge?
Which TradingView chart aligns best with FundedNext's GrowthNext/FundedNext platform?
What is the difference between Balance-Based Drawdown and Equity-Based Drawdown?
Is trading in the FundedNext Challenge and FundedNext Account conducted according to the real market?
Can I trade Cryptocurrencies with FundedNext?
Can I register under my company's name?