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What is the Profit Target of the Express Challenge?
What is the Profit Target of the Express Challenge?
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The profit target for the Express Challenge is outlined below:

Express Challenge Account: In the Express Challenge, your goal is to grow your account by 25% over time. Though there is no time limit to reach the 25% target you have to trade in 4-week trading cycles and trade for at least 10 days in each cycle.

Here's an example:

Let's say you have a $15,000 account. To meet the Challenge, you need to make a profit of $3,750, which is 25% of your initial account balance. It doesn't have to be achieved in one trading cycle. For instance, if you make $1,875 in the first month, your account will grow by 12.5%. If you make another $1,875 in the following month, your account will grow another 12.5%. Combined, this will reach the target of 25% growth. You can take as many trading cycles as you need as long as you follow the rules and trade for the minimum required days.

Express FundedNext Account: There is no profit target in the Express FundedNext Account. 

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