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What will be my Profit Share from the Express Challenge?
What will be my Profit Share from the Express Challenge?
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At FundedNext, your potential to achieve exceptional outcomes is highly valued. Through the FundedNext Express Challenge, you can start earning from the very first month. As a Challenge Phase trader, you will earn 15% of the profit generated in each trading cycle. After growing your account by 25% and receiving a FundedNext account you will receive a profit share up to 90%.

Here's how it works:

Let's assume you begin with a FundedNext account balance of $100,000. If you generate a profit of $15,000 during a 4-week trading cycle, you will receive a direct profit share of 15%, which equals $2,250.

For example, if your profit is $15,000 in a $100,000 account, you will continue receiving a 15% profit share until you reach the 25% growth target. If you generate an additional $10,000 profit in the following month, you will receive a straight 15% profit share on that amount, contributing to an overall 25% growth in your initial balance.

Once your account achieves a 25% growth, you will be upgraded to a FundedNext account with an increased profit share. You will receive a 60% profit share on your first withdrawal, followed by 75% on the second withdrawal, and an impressive 90% profit share from the third withdrawal onwards.

It's important to note that you will be eligible for a profit share only if you comply with the rules before the Challenge Phase or FundedNext account payout.

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