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What rules do I need to follow in the Express Challenge?
What rules do I need to follow in the Express Challenge?
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To ensure a successful trading journey in the Express Challenge, it is crucial to abide by the following guidelines and restrictions.

Maximum Daily Drawdown: Our maximum daily drawdown limit specifies that you are permitted to lose 5% of your initial account balance on any given day.

To get more information regarding the maximum daily drawdown, kindly click here

Maximum Overall Drawdown: You are allowed to have an overall maximum drawdown of 10% of your initial account balance. Thus, your account balance/equity can't go below 90% of the initial balance at any time during your whole trading journey.

To get more information regarding the maximum overall drawdown, kindly click here

Minimum Trading Days: In the Express Challenge (Both Challenge & FundedNext account), you only need to take a minimum of 10 individual and separate trades during your trading journey. Your trading days do not need to be consecutive and to make things even easier, there is no maximum number of trades you need to take so that you can trade freely.

To get more information regarding minimum trading days, kindly click here

Copy Trading: FundedNext allows traders to engage in copy trading from another FundedNext account, prop firm, or retail broker, provided that the accounts are owned by the same individual. This means that you can copy trades from any account(s) that you own.

However, copy trading between multiple accounts not owned by the same individual, including those of relatives, family members, or friends, is strictly prohibited.

To get more information regarding copy trading, kindly click here

IP Address: FundedNext strives to ensure a secure trading environment for all of our traders. To avoid any complications related to IP addresses, it is highly recommended that traders use a single device with a unique IP address during their trading activities on our platform.

To get more information regarding IP address, kindly click here

VPN/VPS Service: When using FundedNext, clients can use VPN and VPS services for platform access. For VPN users, it's recommended to use paid VPNs and select a specific IP within a country for consistent tracking. VPS users should opt for paid services with dedicated IP addresses and avoid sharing connections with others.

To get more information regarding VPN/VPS service, kindly click here

EAs/Indicators: Traders are allowed to utilize Expert Advisors (EAs) and Indicators to enhance their trading strategies at FundedNext. It is important for each trader to ensure that their trading parameters are unique and suited to their individual trading style and account.

To get more information regarding EAs/Indicators, kindly click here

Restricted Trading Strategies: FundedNext strictly prohibits any form of cheating or exploitation of the platform, as it goes against our Terms of Service (TOS) agreed upon during registration. Traders are urged to thoroughly read our Terms of Service and understand the following guidelines to prevent unintended consequences.

To get more information regarding restricted trading strategies, kindly click here

Consistency: To achieve consistent profitability, traders at FundedNext must maintain their trading habits within a certain range based on their weekly average. This range is determined by factors such as trading days, number of trades, and lot size. By staying within this range, traders can strike a balance between risk and consistency. The consistency rule is only applicable to the Express Consistency Account.

To get more information regarding consistency, kindly click here

News Trading: In the Express Challenge (both on your Challenge and FundedNext account), as the market is extremely volatile during news times and also this is the most likely time when slippages can occur, you are not allowed to open and close any trade 5 minutes before and after the news. That means if any of the pending orders get executed or if any running trades get closed by hitting a Stop-loss (SL) or take-profit (TP) then it will be considered a violation.

To get more information regarding news trading rules, kindly click here

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