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What is the minimum payout limit for FundedNext?
What is the minimum payout limit for FundedNext?
Updated over a week ago

The minimum payout limit for FundedNext is determined based on the payout amount and your desired available payout methods.

  • If the payout amount is below $21, you will not be able to place a payout request on that cycle. The amount will be carried forward and adjusted with the next payout.

  • If the payout amount is between $21 and $50, you have the option to request the payout via Perfect Money.

  • If the payout amount is above $50, you can request the payout through any available method offered by FundedNext.

How does the adjustment of outstanding profit work (if the account is breached)?

If you have a withdrawable profit below $21 in your account but breach it in the next trading cycle, the outstanding profit from the last trading cycle will be adjusted and processed. This allows you to receive your accumulated earnings. To initiate the adjustment, you can contact the FundedNext Support Team, who will assist in processing the payout.

Please note that these policies are subject to change, and the latest information can be found on our website.

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