Can I use a VPN or VPS?
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Clients at FundedNext have the option to utilize Virtual Private Network (VPN) and Virtual Private Server (VPS) services for accessing the platform. However, it is essential to follow the specific guidelines to ensure security and optimal functionality:

For VPN Users:

  • It is recommended to use a paid VPN service rather than relying on free options. Free VPNs often involve multiple users sharing the same IP address, which can pose security risks and create confusion regarding logging activities.

  • To maintain consistent tracking and security, it is advisable to select a specific IP within the specific country each time you connect to the VPN. Frequent switching between servers or countries can raise suspicions and potentially lead to security checks or account limitations.

For VPS Users:

  • Opting for a paid VPS service with a dedicated IP address is highly recommended. This ensures that your trading activities remain distinct and cannot be mistaken for those of other clients.

  • Sharing your VPS connection with others is strictly prohibited. Such sharing can result in violations of our trading policies and compromise the integrity of our platform's operations.

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