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What is the timeframe for FundedNext to process payouts?
What is the timeframe for FundedNext to process payouts?
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FundedNext is committed to processing traders' payouts within a 24-hour timeframe. Here's a detailed look at what this means:

Start of Timeframe: The 24-hour period begins the moment a trader initiates a payout request.

During the Timeframe: Within these 24 hours, FundedNext's operations team works to ensure that the payout is processed. This means that all internal checks and preparations are completed to facilitate the transfer of the payout.

”It's important to note that sometimes traders might provide incorrect payout methods or addresses, resulting in longer processing times than usual. This delay occurs because, due to the incorrect payout address, FundedNext has limited control over the situation. In such cases, FundedNext will reach out to clients within 24 hours to address the issue. However, it's important to emphasize that FundedNext will not assume responsibility if the payout takes longer than 24 hours to be disbursed under these circumstances.”

End of Timeframe: The timeframe concludes when FundedNext initiates the transfer of the payout to the trader's chosen payout method and once the payout is completed by FundedNext, you will receive a confirmation email from FundedNext with a screenshot attached as proof of the payout.

In Case of Delays: If there is any delay in this process and the 24-hour timeframe is not met, FundedNext activates the $1,000 compensation, adding an additional $1,000 to the trader's payout as a gesture of commitment to their promise.

FundedNext's swift payout processing is a testament to their dedication to providing exceptional service and supporting the financial achievements of their traders.

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