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How can I earn Infinity Points on FundedNext?
How can I earn Infinity Points on FundedNext?
Updated over a week ago

Earning Infinity Points on FundedNext is an engaging process designed to enrich traders' experiences on the platform. Here's how to accumulate these points:

Completing Dashboard Activities: Traders begin by exploring the tasks listed on the FundedNext dashboard. These tasks serve as opportunities to earn points.

Task Completion and Submission: After selecting a task, they proceed to complete it according to the provided guidelines. Once finished, they must submit proof of completion, such as screenshots or links, via the FundedNext dashboard. This step ensures the authenticity and fulfillment of tasks.

Verification and Approval: Upon submission, FundedNext's dedicated team reviews the completed tasks to ensure they meet the requirements. If the tasks pass verification, they are approved, typically within 72 hours, and the corresponding points are credited to the dashboard.

Managing Rejected Tasks: In cases where tasks do not meet the necessary criteria and are rejected, traders have the opportunity to retry. The Infinity Points dashboard features a "Rejected" tab, allowing them to revisit and complete tasks again.

Each task presents an opportunity not only to earn points but also to engage more deeply with the FundedNext platform. Traders are encouraged to dive in, complete tasks, and witness their Infinity Points grow!

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