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How can I engage with the Infinity Points program at FundedNext?
How can I engage with the Infinity Points program at FundedNext?
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Participating in the Infinity Points program at FundedNext is a straightforward and engaging process, specially designed for our traders. Here's how you can get started and make the most of this rewarding opportunity:

Sign-Up and Access: Your journey begins the moment you sign up as a trader of FundedNext. As a new trader on our platform, you'll gain immediate access to the Infinity Points system. This is your gateway to unlocking a range of benefits and rewards. Please note that to participate in the Infinity Points program, a trader does not need to own any accounts with FundedNext.

Navigating to Infinity Points: Once you're logged in to the FundedNext dashboard, locate the "Infinity Points" tab on the left side of your dashboard. Here, you'll find the "See All Tasks" option, which is your entry point into a world filled with rewarding tasks and activities.

Engage in Individual Tasks: The beauty of the Infinity Points program lies in its individual-centric approach. Each trader's account is equipped with a unique set of tasks and corresponding rewards. This ensures that your efforts, participation, and achievements are personally recognized and rewarded.

Adhere to Fair Play: At FundedNext, we uphold a strict Fair Play Policy. It's important to remember that operating multiple accounts for the purpose of accumulating points is against our Terms of Service. We believe in fairness and integrity, and as such, violating this policy may result in the loss of accumulated points, the loss of rewards, or even account suspension. We encourage you to participate honestly and enjoy the fruits of your genuine efforts.

Enjoy the Rewards: As you complete tasks and accumulate points, you'll be able to redeem them for various benefits, such as discounts on purchasing FundedNext Challenge accounts. This not only enhances your trading experience but also offers financial advantages.

In summary, your participation in the Infinity Points program is not just about earning points; it's an opportunity to explore and utilize the full potential of the FundedNext platform, enhancing your skills and experience as a trader. So, dive in, engage with the tasks, and enjoy the journey of earning and redeeming your Infinity Points!

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