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Are traders from the US prohibited from FundedNext?
Are traders from the US prohibited from FundedNext?
Updated over a week ago

FundedNext temporarily paused new sign-ups from the United States (US) reflecting our commitment to upholding regulatory requirements and industry standards while maintaining platform integrity.

All existing US clients will remain unaffected by these circumstances. However, in the event of an account breach, access to account reset or top-up services will not be accessible.

In accordance with our policy to restrict new purchases and trading activities originating from within the US, individuals residing in the US who are not citizens of the country are presently unable to engage in trading with us. Note that, individuals who are born US citizens but live in another country holding dual citizenship can participate in trading activities by verifying their documents from their other country of citizenship, ensuring compliance with our trading eligibility criteria. This decision reflects our commitment to maintaining regulatory compliance while accommodating eligible participants.

Acknowledge that, FundedNext initially partnered with third-party brokerages but quickly shifted to hosting our own servers to avoid grey labeling concerns and comply with trading platform policies. Furthermore, FundedNext has obtained the necessary trading licenses, acknowledging the importance of platforms 4 and 5 for our traders. These actions demonstrate our commitment to protecting the interests of our traders.

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