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Is FundedNext regulated under USA or Canadian jurisdiction?
Is FundedNext regulated under USA or Canadian jurisdiction?
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FundedNext, a proprietary global trading platform, holds a registered trademark in the UAE and is officially established in Ajman, UAE. Our banking relationships are maintained with premier UAE banks, adhering to the regulatory guidelines set forth by the UAE Central Bank under Federal Law No. 10 of 1980 governing the promotion of financial products and services. As a result, FundedNext does not necessitate regulatory authorization from the Canadian provincial securities authority or the commodities regulator in the United States.

FundedNext operates independently within the UAE's regulatory framework, and we want to assure all traders that they do not need to worry about the recent regulatory actions in Canada and the United States. Our services remain unaffected, and you can continue trading with confidence. FundedNext is committed to providing our traders with the best possible support and maintaining the highest standards of service.

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