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Affiliate & Payment Partner FAQ
Affiliate & Payment Partner FAQ
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What is the Payment Partner Program on FundedNext?
Why do clients seek the assistance of a payment partner?
Who sets the commission rate per transaction?
What actions are taken if a payment partner exceeds the prescribed commission threshold?
Are payment partners considered employees or affiliates of FundedNext?
Will I retain the ability to trade with my account once I register as a payment partner?
Can I participate in both the Affiliate and Payment Partner Programs simultaneously?
Who is eligible to apply for the Payment Partner program?
How can I sign up as a Payment Partner on FundedNext?
What benefits do Payment Partners receive?
Are there any fees associated with becoming a Payment Partner?
How can I contact FundedNext for Payment Partner program inquiries?
What are the responsibilities of a Payment Partner on FundedNext?
Is there a minimum transaction volume requirement for Payment Partners?
Can Payment Partners promote other services or products alongside FundedNext transactions?
What support and resources are available to Payment Partners?
How does FundedNext ensure the security of transactions processed by Payment Partners?
Are there any geographic limitations for Payment Partners?
Do Payment Partners receive any incentives or rewards based on their performance?
What payment methods can Payment Partners accept on FundedNext's behalf?
How are disputes or issues between Payment Partners and FundedNext clients resolved?
How can a client get a refund if they bought an account through a Payment Partner?