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Does FundedNext offer a Scale-Up plan?
Does FundedNext offer a Scale-Up plan?
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FundedNext provides a Scale-Up plan for traders who consistently demonstrate success and follow the trading rules.

The Scale-Up plan presents traders with an opportunity to expand their trading activity by potentially receiving a capital allocation of up to 4 million. Skilled and disciplined traders seeking to elevate their trading endeavors can benefit from FundedNext's scaling-up plan. The eligibility criteria for the Evaluation, Express, Stellar, or Stellar Lite accounts remain consistent to simplify the process.

Review Process & Eligibility Criteria:

To be considered for scaling up, traders must meet the following eligibility criteria in a FundedNext account over a four-month period:

  • Achieve a minimum accumulated account growth of 10% in four consecutive months.

  • Receive at least two payouts within these successive four months.

  • The last trading cycle should end in profit.

FundedNext accounts (Evaluation, Express, Stellar or Stellar Lite) undergo a review every four months. Traders who meet the eligibility criteria are eligible for a 40% increase in the account balance, up to a maximum of 4 million.

Let's illustrate the scaling-up process with an example.

Based on the trader's performance over the four consecutive months and if all other criteria are met, FundedNext will review the trader's account and potentially Scale it up by 40%. So, with the 40% Scale-Up, the new balance is $140k.

Therefore, considering the new account balance:

  • The daily loss limit is 5%(4% in Stellar Lite) of $140k, which amounts to $7K($5.6K in Stellar Lite).

  • The overall loss limit is 10%(8% in Stellar Lite) of $140k, which equates to $14K($11.2K in Stellar Lite).

  • The new Scale Up target for the next four months is a 10% account growth of $140K.

Scaling up with FundedNext is a straightforward process that opens doors to enhanced opportunities for traders.

What If a trader managed to reach 10% of their profit target for Scaling Up, but was unable to make a profit in the last trading cycle?

For instance, let's consider a trader who began trading on January 1st. After four consecutive months (January, February, March, and April), the trader managed to achieve a 10% profit by the end of April. However, during the last trading cycle, the trader was unable to end in profit. As the trader was unable to end his last trading cycle in profit the trader will not be eligible for the Scale Up plan. In such a scenario, the trader's account will be evaluated again in May, following the completion of their trading cycle (February, March, April, and May). Essentially, if the trader meets all the criteria during the most recent four-month period, they will be eligible for the Scale Up plan.

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