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Is FundedNext regulated?
Is FundedNext regulated?
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FundedNext is registered and operates as a global proprietary trading platform based in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Due to the nature of our product and services, FundedNext is not subject to any financial services regulation and therefore does not hold a special license.

FundedNext, a proprietary global trading platform, holds a registered trademark in the UAE and is officially established in Ajman, UAE.

FundedNext operates within a distinct framework and is not subject to traditional financial regulation. It's essential to understand that FundedNext does not hold clients' funds or engage in trading on behalf of the public. This unique attribute means that the regulatory requirements typically applied to firms holding client funds or offering trading services to the general public do not apply to FundedNext.

If you are inquiring whether FundedNext is mandated to adhere to regulatory oversight within the jurisdictions of the United States or Canada, you can find the relevant information within the article here.

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