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How does FundedNext ensure Fairness & Transparency in trading?
How does FundedNext ensure Fairness & Transparency in trading?
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To ensure fairness and transparency in trading, FundedNext is dedicated to creating a level playing field for all clients. Stringent policies and robust monitoring systems are integrated to maintain the integrity of our platform and prevent any activities that may compromise its fairness.

To promote a fair trading environment, the following activities are strictly prohibited on FundedNext:

  • Hyperactivity

  • Latency Trading

  • Copy Trading from Others

  • Any form of Arbitrage Trading

  • Tick Scalping

  • Grid Trading

  • One-sided Betting

  • Account Sharing

  • Hedging or Group Hedging

  • Use of Guaranteed Profit with Limit Orders

  • Use of Platform or Data Freezing Due to Demo Server Errors

Engaging in these practices is not in line with our commitment to fairness and is not tolerated on our platform. FundedNext takes a strong stance against actions that may undermine the integrity of the financial markets.

To get more information regarding the restricted trading strategies, kindly click here

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