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What is the process for earning Infinity Points on FundedNext?
What is the process for earning Infinity Points on FundedNext?
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Earning Infinity Points on FundedNext is a rewarding and interactive process designed to enhance your experience on our platform. Here's how you can accumulate these points:

Complete Dashboard Activities: Your journey to earning points starts on your FundedNext dashboard. Here, you'll find a variety of activities listed. These tasks are your key to earning points.

Task Completion and Submission: After selecting a task, your next step is to complete it as per the guidelines. Once done, you'll need to submit proof of your completed task. This usually involves uploading relevant screenshots and links through the FundedNext dashboard. This step is crucial as it helps us verify the authenticity and completion of your tasks.

Verification and Approval: Upon submission, our dedicated team will review your completed tasks. This verification process is thorough and ensures that all requirements are met. If everything is in order, we will approve your tasks, typically within 72 hours. Following approval, the corresponding points will be credited to your dashboard.

Managing Rejected Tasks: In instances where your task does not meet the required criteria and gets rejected, don't worry. You have the opportunity to retry. In your Infinity Points dashboard, you'll find a "Rejected" tab. This section allows you to revisit and complete the tasks again. By addressing the reasons for rejection and re-submitting, you can still earn points from these tasks.

Remember, each task is an opportunity not just to earn points but also to engage more deeply with the FundedNext platform. So, dive in, complete tasks, and watch your Infinity Points grow!

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