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What are Infinity Points in FundedNext?
What are Infinity Points in FundedNext?
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Infinity Points are an integral part of FundedNext's unique rewards program, specifically designed to recognize and reward our traders for their active participation and engagement on the platform. This innovative program allows traders to earn points through a variety of activities that are thoughtfully selected to encourage exploration and utilization of different features and functionalities within FundedNext.

As a trader, each time you engage in these specified activities, you accumulate Infinity Points. Once you have successfully accumulated a certain number of Infinity Points, you gain the ability to redeem these points. The redemption process is straightforward and rewarding – the accumulated points can be converted into coupon codes. These coupon codes are then applicable for availing discounts when purchasing FundedNext Challenge accounts. This system effectively bridges the gap between your active participation and tangible rewards, offering a unique way to make your trading journey with FundedNext more cost-effective and gratifying.

In essence, Infinity Points are more than just a rewards system; they are a testament to your dedication and effort as a trader on the FundedNext platform, providing a pathway to enhance your trading experience while also offering financial benefits.

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