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What will be my Profit Share from the Evaluation Challenge?
What will be my Profit Share from the Evaluation Challenge?
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FundedNext highly values your potential to achieve exceptional outcomes. As you advance through the Evaluation Challenge Phases, your profit share will progressively grow, starting at 15% during the Challenge Phase and reaching up to 90% in the FundedNext account. This significant increase in profit share ensures you have greater earning possibilities. Furthermore, your dedication and achievements will be recognized through a refund of your subscription fee in the first payout on your FundedNext account.

Here's how it works:

Let's say you start your trading account with a balance of $100,000. In Phase 1, if you achieve a profit of $10,000 and, in Phase 2 an additional profit of $5,000, you will be granted a FundedNext account. When you receive the first payout from your FundedNext account, your subscription fee will be fully refunded, acknowledging your commitment.

But the benefits don't end there. Once you achieve a 5% profit in your FundedNext account, you will also receive a 15% profit share based on your Phase 1 and 2 targets, amounting to $2,250.

Moreover, upon receiving your FundedNext account, your profit share will increase to 80% starting from your first withdrawal. And when you become eligible for your first scale-up, your profit share will rise to an impressive 90%.

Embrace your new status as a FundedNext Crown Trader, where your achievements become our shared success.

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