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Stellar 1-Step Challenge FAQ
What will be my Profit Share from the Stellar 1-Step Challenge?
What will be my Profit Share from the Stellar 1-Step Challenge?
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FundedNext has designed the Stellar 1-Step Challenge account model to help you unleash your trading potential and achieve remarkable results. As you progress through the Stellar 1-Step Challenge Phase, your profit share will progressively grow, starting at 15% during the challenge phase and reaching up to 90% in the FundedNext account.

Furthermore, your dedication and achievements will be recognized through a refund of your subscription fee in the first payout on your FundedNext account.

Here's how it works:

Let's say you begin your trading journey with a starting balance of $100,000. In the Stellar 1-Step Challenge, if you reach a profit of $10,000 in the Challenge Phase, you will receive a FundedNext account. Once you receive the first payout from your FundedNext account, your subscription fee will be fully refunded.

But the benefits extend further. Once you achieve a 5% profit in your FundedNext account, you will also receive a 15% profit share based on your Phase 1 target, amounting to $1,500.

Furthermore, upon receiving your FundedNext account, your profit share will increase to 90% starting from your first withdrawal.

Embrace your new status as a FundedNext Crown Trader, where your achievements become our shared success.

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