FundedNext Free Trial Rules
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The Free Trial at FundedNext is a unique opportunity for participants to experience real trading conditions without financial risks. It's designed for traders to showcase their skills and understand our platform better.

Account Steps: Free trial accounts follow a 1-step process.

Account Registration: Each trader in the Free Trial is permitted to register only one account at a time. This account must be unique and associated with a single email and IP address. Once your account is disabled, you may request another, ensuring an opportunity for unlimited free trials while maintaining the integrity of a single, active account policy. After free trial sign-up, users will receive the new account email.

Profit Target: The objective for each trader is to achieve a 5% profit on their initial account balance. This target is set to encourage strategic trading and effective risk management.

Minimum Trading Days Requirement: Participants in the Free Trial are required to trade for a minimum of 3 days within the 14-day trial period. This ensures active participation and provides a fair evaluation of trading skills.

Daily Loss Limit: The Free Trial account has a daily loss limit of 5% of the account balance. This limit refreshes every day after midnight, according to the server time.

Overall Loss Limit: The Free Trial account has an overall loss limit of 10% of the account balance.

Time Limit for Trading: The Free Trial is time-limited to 14 calendar days from the date of the first trade. After this period, the account will be automatically disabled.

Weekend Position Holding: There are no restrictions on holding positions over the weekend in the Free Trial account.

Reset Option Availability: In the Free Trial account, there is no option to reset the account. Participants must adhere to the established trading conditions throughout the trial period.

Account Balance Options: The Free Trial account offers a range of initial balance options from $6,000 to $200,000, accommodating various levels of trading experience and strategies.

Type of Account and Leverage: The Free Trial accounts are swap accounts with a leverage setting of 1:100 for forex instruments, 1:20 for commodities & 1:40 for indices. This standard leverage is consistent with many professional trading environments.

Trading Platform Utilized: All trading activities in the Free Trial accounts are to be conducted on the MT5 platform, renowned for its comprehensive tools and user-friendly interface.

Expert Advisors (EAs) and News Trading: In the Free Trial accounts, the use of EAs and engagement in News Trading are permitted, allowing traders to fully explore various trading methodologies.

Compliance with these rules is essential for fair and successful participation in the FundedNext Free Trial accounts. Disregarding any of these rules may lead to disqualification from the trial and affect future participation opportunities.

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