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What is AstroPay payment method?
What is AstroPay payment method?
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AstroPay provides a secure and convenient digital wallet solution for managing finances, allowing users to carry out various operations such as paying and collecting on online sites, depositing and withdrawing money, and transferring funds with payment links—all free of charge.

To create an account, simply provide an active mobile phone number. Upon registration, you'll receive a verification code via SMS to confirm your account. With AstroPay, you can swiftly and securely conduct transactions in local currency or US dollars, utilizing your preferred local payment methods for payments and making deposits and withdrawals from your preferred online platforms.

If my phone number starts with a zero, should I skip them here?

No, you shouldn't skip the leading zero when entering your phone number for AstroPay (or any other service), even if your phone number starts with one.

Phone numbers are formatted differently depending on the country. In some places, a leading zero might be part of the local phone number. To ensure your account gets verified correctly, it's important to include all the digits in your phone number, including any leading zeros.

If you're unsure about the format, you can try searching online for "phone number format" followed by your country name.

AstroPay Flex card holders can utilize Apple Pay for payments, with support for up to 16 cards depending on the device model. Additionally, users can perform bank transfers through AstroPay, leveraging a variety of payment methods, including direct bank transfers.

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