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How to provide correct wallet address during withdrawal in FundedNext?
How to provide correct wallet address during withdrawal in FundedNext?
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Method: Perfect Money

When using Perfect Money, it's crucial to provide a correct Perfect Money address. Make sure to include the currency symbol before the account number. For example, if you're dealing with USD, ensure it's mentioned before your account number.

Please note that Perfect Money payouts are exclusively provided in USD. If you share a payment address that includes symbols like "E," "G," or "B" (where "E" stands for Euro, "G" for Gold, and "B" for Bitcoin), the payout will not be initiated.

Even if your account number starts with "E," "G," or "B," you can still receive the payout in USD. Just share the USD account number found in the "My Accounts" section of your wallet.

Method: Wise

To receive payouts via Wise, you need to provide both your Wise email address and account number.

Your Wise account must be a personal account; we do not process payouts for business accounts.

Ensure that you've enabled the "Received by email address" option in your Wise account settings before requesting a payout.

If you're using a new Wise account, please ensure it's set up correctly. We can only disburse your payout once your Wise account has been verified by Wise.

Method: Bank

When opting for a bank transfer, your bank account should be a personal one. We do not process payouts for business accounts.

In the "Name" section of the bank account address, share the name you used while creating the account. Do not provide your FundedNext account name.

To successfully receive the payout, provide the appropriate Routing number, SWIFT/BIC code, and correct IBAN.

Additionally, make sure to share the proper Recipient Address and Postal Code/ZIP code for a smooth transaction.

Ensuring these details are correctly provided will help streamline the payout process and prevent any issues with receiving your funds.

Please note that the trader is responsible for covering all transfer gateway charges.

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